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Histórias de Sucesso

Like training for a triathlon, becoming a Diamond Director takes mental and physical strength and an overwhelming desire for financial independence. To go Diamond only three months after joining Agel, takes added dedication, resilience and a willingness to go the extra mile. And as an experienced triathlete, Ironman competitor, and enthusiastic sales man, Bruno Grilo proved to possess all these qualities.

Bruno Grilo joined Agel on July 23, 2007 when he signed up with the up and coming team of Joao Marquez and Antonio Sampa of Portugal, all of which had no previous experience in network marketing. Bruno's full time profession was as a sales manager at Bosch Equipment where he managed several sale representatives. However, when presented with the Agel opportunity, he quickly understood his talents could be better applied in building an Agel business.

His first presentation after enrolling was to his closest family and friends.

"I knew the next step for me in building a strong business was building a strong team by sponsoring my closest friends and family," said Bruno. "People who believe in me are in this with me."

And it was this core group of family and friends that became the Directors that helped him reach Diamond within three months of joining Agel. Two month after joining he quit his full time job of seven years and now he considers himself 100 percent Agel.

What is his secret to such speedy success?

"Coaching and team effort is our main strategy," said Bruno. "PBRs were key at first, which I began doing 3-6 times a day with groups of four to 30 people."

Soon he couldn't keep up with the massive growth his team was experiencing so he worked closely with his core group to divide and conquer. They began to do ABBs and Super Saturdays in order to get to all the people and train them properly.

He tributes his upline sponsor, Double Diamond Director Ann Feinstein, for her continued support and dedication in helping him achieve so much in so little amount of time and echoes one of her inspiring mantras that "you must be the CEO in your own life." To Bruno, Ann has been a true testament of upline support and mentoring, working countless hours with Bruno, training and helping him learn the system that enables him to succeed.

Howard Hannemann, Regional Vice President of the European Union, describes Bruno as a man of conviction.

"He has a great love for the people he works with," said Howard. "He understands the 'win-win' opportunity of Agel and follows this with outstanding support for all in his organization. And the great thing is, he says that he is just beginning."

When asked to offer his best business-building tip, Bruno said, "use the products, understand the MLM industry, the compensation plan and believe in the Agel culture and management team. Then go out and talk to people and coach them in these same practices."

Bruno loves his new lifestyle with Agel, which he shares with his wife, Ines Moura. He said that although it is a lot of work running his business, he is having a wonderful time working with his closest friends and family. Also, he loves the fact that Agel allows him the time he needs for himself, his family, his hobbies and what he calls "total freedom."

"When you feel secure, you have the confidence to move forward with purpose and reach your goals," said Bruno.
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