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Alguns excertos da 2ª edição do livro Ageless Nutrition:

Chapter 5 Excerpts

Stamina & Ageless Zest

Vitamin Coenzymes & Mineral Cofactors

38 Pages

QuickNotes (4 pages)

* Stamina is the body's ability to healthfully endure hardships due to disease, sickness, overwork and extensive exercise.
* Ageless Zest is the body's ability to feel and perform at a younger, more youthful biological age than its actual chronological age.
* Stamina is a conditioning state. To gain stamina requires proper long-term physical and mental conditioning..

Stamina and Ageless Zest (2 pages)

Stamina is the body's ability to healthfully endure hardships due to disease, sickness, overwork and extensive exercise. Stamina is a condition created by inputs and outputs. Physical stamina is achieved through consistent thoughtful consumption of proper foods, vitamins, minerals and water. Stamina is achieved through physical conditioning and practice. An amateur, recreational bicyclist is incapable of competing in the 3-week Tour de France due to poor conditioning and insufficient practice. Stamina is also a state of mind. Stamina is endurance....

Market Size for Stamina and Ageless Zest (2 pages)

The market for Stamina and Ageless Zest has nearly no limits. This market has never been analyzed before. The goal of most humans is not only survival, but to live well. Living well requires stamina and zest. Consider the means that people go through to keep from getting sick, to stay in top physical shape, to make & achieve goals in their lives, and to feel & look younger. This is a measure of the Stamina and Ageless Zest market. It includes all physical and psychological means of obtaining zestful health and well-being. It includes all nutritional supplements taken. It includes the choice of foods to eat. It includes the choice of residence. It includes the choice of education, work and transportation. It includes the choices of climate, air purity and water purity. It includes the choices of friends and social activity. The market for Stamina and Ageless Zest is based on the countless choices of humans....

Problems with Lack of Stamina and Lack of Ageless Zest (3 pages)

Stamina is a conditioning state. To gain stamina requires proper long-term physical and mental conditioning. Physical conditioning for stamina requires food nourishment (macronutrients), substantial supplementation of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (micronutrients), proper hydration, adequate sleep and consistent physical activity & exercise. Mental conditioning for stamina requires changes in the state of mind. Mental stamina is conditioning the mind to create a new person. As habits, behaviors and body structure changes, a new person emerges. Changing behaviors, habits and body structure takes a long-term commitment to stamina....

Developing stamina in most of our developed countries is not going to be easy. We eat too much. We watch too much TV. We sit at the computer too much. We don't get enough exercise. We eat too much fast food. We eat too many carbohydrate-rich snacks and candies. We are overweight and sedentary. We eat food proportions that are too big. We stuff ourselves too frequently. We get sick easily. We don't know what it is like to go without food for an entire day. We get tired when we walk a flight of stairs. We park our cars as close as possible to the entry of buildings. We drive instead of walking or riding bicycles. Time is more important to us than preparing an excellent, balanced meal. Vitamins and minerals are something we think about only when we are sick. Unless we invoke changes in nutrition, by the year 2020, we will be one united, overweight, sedentary society....

Exercise your mind: Prepare a 30-second description of the general lack of stamina and zest in your society.



The Market Solution - Vitamin Coenzymes and Mineral Cofactors (2 pages)

Most times the simplest solution is the best. People often look for amazing answers to life's major problems - in this case poor physical and mental stamina. In fact, the simplest answer to this problem is simple - vitamin coenzymes and mineral cofactors. There are 12 essential vitamin coenzymes ("water-soluble" vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folate, biotin, & vitamin C; and "fat-soluble" vitamins: A, D, & E) and 11 mineral cofactors (calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium). These can be obtained from consistently eating a proper and variable diet. However, more than 99.9% of us do not eat a "proper and variable diet", so nutritional supplementation with gel-nutritionals is your answer....

How Stamina is Produced in the Body and Mind (12 pages)

Food nourishment is paramount to stamina. You have often heard, "You are what you eat." This statement is true. Today's society of high-speed commerce often sends the message that to conform to the fast-paced work-life; you must eat a quick lunch and snack on high-carbohydrate foods and drinks to stay awake. So you choose to eat at fast-food outlets, eat on the run, eat high-calorie, high-carbohydrate meals, drink caffeinated, high-sugar, carbonated drinks and visit the vending machine for high-calorie snacks. If you have conformed to the food choices "dictated" by this fast-paced lifestyle, then you have noticed weight-gain, loss of self-control, frequent headaches, more than your share of sickness and a lack of physical stamina. "You are what you eat." Here are my Seven Good Eating Choices:

1. Eat less. At an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant, only eat one plate of food. Select smaller portions. Use a smaller plate.
2. Skip dessert. Desserts contain as many calories as an entire plate of food.
3. Eat fewer carbohydrates. Excess carbohydrates are converted into body fat. Excess carbohydrates cause blood glucose highs and insulin intolerance....

In addition to the listed vitamin coenzymes in these energy-conversion reactions, there are a number of larger protein-based enzymes. These relatively large enzymes are composed of amino acids (from 100 to 5000 amino acids) in a 3-D conformation. These protein-based enzymes act as "docking stations" for biochemical reactants. The chemical environment at (or sometimes opposite) these "docking stations" is typically composed of the vitamin coenzyme, specific amino acids and mineral cofactors. This docking environment acts as an electric "tractor beam" (derived from the word "attraction) pulling in reactants and positioning them within the "docking station" in such a manner that the lowest energy is required to conduct the biochemical transformation. Each docking station is unique, thereby attracting only certain biochemicals. For example, the docking station for the enzyme Fumarate hydratase attracts only Fumarate molecules, where once docked, Fumarate is transformed into Malate with the addition of water. In another example, the docking station for the enzyme Isocitrate dehydrogenase only attracts Isocitrate molecules and once docked, helps convert Isocitrate into 2-Oxoglutarate with the help of niacin coenzyme. There is not need to memorize the names of any of the biochemical enzymes or biochemical reactants. Just remember the concepts: 1) vitamins are coenzymes with larger protein-based enzymes, 2) "docking stations" are formed within protein-based enzymes by the addition of vitamin coenzymes and mineral cofactors, 3) low-energy biochemical transformations take place at the "docking station" of specific enzymes....

How Ageless Zest is Produced in the Body and Mind (2 pages)

Mental stamina is achieved by creating a new person. Benjamin Franklin created a system to convert his weaknesses into strengths. He worked on a new weakness every weak for three months. After three months he started over. Some of the weaknesses had turned to strengths, while others needed more strengthening. Behaviors can be altered, habits can be changed, and character can be renewed. In addition, as physical stamina is enhanced, a new view of ego and self is made. Self confidence, self reliance, self assurance, and self trust become pillars to anchor new mental stamina. Hundreds of self-improvement books have been written to help people achieve higher mental stamina. Mental stamina begins with a desire to change, a will to keep commitments and a vision of a better self....

Ageless Zest is a quest for youthfulness. It is a quest to live an active life regardless of advancing years. Ageless Zest requires enhanced physical and mental stamina. When your body and mind begin to expand together, you will notice distinct changes in your zest for life. All self-doubt and self-consciousness is placed out of your life's spiral. Your new self will be confident, physically strong, healthy, assured, happy and cheerful....

Stamina & Ageless Zest Nutritionals (10 pages)

Vitamin coenzymes are critical to increasing physical and mental stamina. Vitamins were originally identified as necessary nutrients in order to avoid diseases, such as beriberi and scurvy. The name "vitamin" refers to their "vital" nature. When first identified, vitamins were given names in alphabetical order, i.e., A, B, C, D and E. Vitamin B was originally thought to be a single component, but further scientific research discovered multiple, unique vitamins. They all retain the B-vitamin name, yet each is also designated with a numeric subscript, i.e., B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. Vitamins C and all the B-vitamins are classified as "water-soluble vitamins", while vitamins A, D, E and K are classified as "fat-soluble vitamins." Gaining long-term physical and mental stamina requires abundant consumption of 12 essential vitamins....

Vitamin A (Retinol, Retinal & Retinoic acid)

Vitamin A is an essential fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin A's precursor is beta-carotene, a member of the antioxidant carotenoid family, is transported by retinol-binding protein to its destinations. Vitamin A is essential for proper vision, protein synthesis, cell differentiation, reproduction and growth. Vitamin A is found in dark leafy greens (spinach & broccoli) and yellow/orange vegetables & fruits (carrots, cantaloupe, winter squash, pumpkin, mango, - not corn or banana). Early signs of Vitamin A deficiency include anemia, bone weakness, joint pain, cracked teeth and frequent tooth decay....

Vitamin Coenzymes for Stamina & Ageless Zest

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Mineral cofactors are equally important in efforts to increase physical and mental stamina. Vitamins were the first essential micronutrients scientists identified from 1700-1950. Since then, extensive nutritional research has focused on the importance of daily required intakes of mineral cofactors and their role in developing physical stamina. Even today, nutritional research is finding the important roles that essential mineral cofactors play in human health. One of fastest growing fields is the science of "metalloproteins." A new type of protein called "metallochaperones" has recently been discovered in the field of metalloproteins. Metallochaperones are proteins that transport minerals throughout intrastitial fluid and chaperone them to the needed enzymes. Eleven mineral cofactors (calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium) are critical to building stamina and ageless zest....


Calcium is an essential macromineral for stamina. Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is essential for the strength and growth of skeletal bones and teeth. Calcium contributes to muscle contractions, blood clotting, nerve impulse transmission and hormone secretion. Calcium is found in water, milk, milk products, tofu, broccoli, watercress & cauliflower. Early signs of calcium deficiency include bone weakness, brittle bones, cracked teeth and fatigue....

Essential Fatty Acids for Nutrient Transport (1 page)

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are essential in the transport of nutrients into cells. Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids are essential for brain development and cognitive functions. Unsaturated fatty acids are highly concentrated around proteins and enzymes embedded in cell membranes where they anchor and position proteins and enzymes so they can perform their functions (e.g., transport of nutrients, transport of waste, transport of energy, transport of ions, and transport of messages). Essential fatty acids are found in deep-water fish, seafood, nuts, seeds, flaxseed, flaxseed oil and nut oils....


Inositol is a key portion of phospholipids that make up cell membranes. Phospholipids are rich sites for omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Phospholipids make up the cell lipid bilayer adjacent to embedded membrane proteins and enzymes. Inositol allows for proper neurotransmission, metabolic regulation and normal growth. Inositol is found in seafood (especially shrimp and krill)....

Marketing the Health Benefits of Stamina & Ageless Zest (5 pages)

You will come into contact with many people, who right away, you will notice they lack stamina. They most likely will also lack ageless zest. Many of these potential clients will be older, and some will be middle-aged. Regardless of their age, you will likely encounter 30-100 people every month in your own neighborhood and in your travels who lack stamina and zest. Here are some characteristics to look for:

Look for people who:

* Consistently leave tasks unfinished
* Are tired of life
* Appear to have no drive to work
* Are lacking vim and vigor..

Marketing vitamins and minerals will never be as easy as with gel-nutritionals. People will experience physical and mental changes when switching from their normal vitamin tablets to gel-nutritional vitamins and minerals. Gel-nutritional products are convenient and fun to consume. Children will finally be getting the vitamins and minerals they need for growth and maturation. The elderly will be able to swallow these vitamins and minerals the first time. You will feel good about the stamina and zest you are providing your friends, relatives and those you meet....
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