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Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition - Agel PRO Empty Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition - Agel PRO

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Alguns excertos da 2ª edição do livro Ageless Nutrition:

Chapter 8: Workout Recovery & Muscle Growth - Whey Protein & Medium Chain Triglycerides

Workout Recovery & Muscle Growth

Chapter Segments
1. Workout Recovery & Muscle Growth
2. The Market Size
3. Who Needs it and Why
4. Market Solution - Whey Protein & Medium Chain Triglycerides
5. How Whey Protein Functions
6. How Medium chain Triglycerides Function
7. Marketing Whey Protein & Medium Chain Triglycerides

Learn how to achieve Muscle Recovery after Workout, Exercise, Hard work and Sports!

PROtein Power Benefits
Whey protein contains all 8 essential amino acids*
Whey protein speeds up muscle recovery after exercise*
Whey protein improves muscle growth and tone*
Whey protein can be used as a meal replacement for weight-loss*
Whey protein helps maintain homeostasis*
Whey protein supports cellular health and cell replication*
Whey protein helps maintain thousands of necessary enzymes*
Medium-Chain Triglycerides are more rapidly absorbed than longer-chain triglycerides*
Medium-Chain Triglycerides aremore rapidly metaboized than longer-chain triglycerides*
Medium-Chain Triglycerides are an excellent source of ATP energy*

Workout Recovery & Muscle Growth

Bioavailable protein for workout recovery and muscle growth is an energetic market. Consider all the people you see each season working out in a club, gym, weight-loss center, women's club; and those out running, biking, four-wheeling, hunting, fishing, golfing, rollerblading, swimming, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, house-building, working outdoors, bowling, playing soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, rugby, baseball, ice hockey, curling, handball, racquetball, tennis, paintballing, hiking and canoeing. They all have in common the use and abuse of their muscles. Muscles that require quick recovery before fatigue sets in.

We are all familiar with messy, clumpy protein powers and with chalky-tasting protein drinks. These workout and muscle-building customers want QuickRecovery, taste and convenience. Now you have a convenient, good-tasting, bioavailable Whey Protein in a gel-nutritional to rescue their health. The Whey Protein is evenly distributed within the micro-environments in the hydrated gel matrix, making the digestive process quicker and more energy efficient. The addition of concentrated Medium Chain Triglycerides provides a QuickRecovery by enhancing the bioavailability of these saturated fats for energy production. Fructose provides a slow release of carbohydrate energy for complete physical recovery. This Gel-nutritional formula is for active people who need QuickRecovery, EnergyRecovery, MuscleMending, SportStrength, great taste and convenience.

Trademarks - Nutritional Sciences, LLC

PROtein Strength
PROtein Power
MuscleMending Power
Mend the Muscle

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