Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition - Business Building

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Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition - Business Building Empty Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition - Business Building

Mensagem  AGEL Futuro em Ter Fev 12, 2008 3:56 pm

Alguns excertos da 2ª edição do livro Ageless Nutrition:

Business Building with
Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition

New Team Members Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition was designed exclusively for you. Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition will build your confidence as you build your new business. Purchase your copy of Ageless Nutrition in your first week as a Team Member. Read the QuickNotes? at the beginning of each chapter to get started. QuickNotes will give you confidence to begin sharing gel-nutritionals and building your business in the first week.

Leaders & Sponsors Instruct your new Team Members to immediately purchase Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition. New Team Members rely on you for answers - Sponsors be prepared. As your business expands, Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition will sustain Team Member activity and retention in your group. Leaders and Sponsors who recommend Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition will see major increases in their monthly checks. Team Member activity and retention = stronger monthly checks.

Highlight 30-40 phrases that you can master in your own words. These phrases will be your quotes that you will use over and over to spark client interest in your Agel business. Repeat these phrases out loud until you convey them with confidence. These 30-40 quotes are all you will need for confidence in your first month as a Team Member.

Reading and rereading Ageless Nutrition will build your confidence. Confidence in gel-nutritional products, confidence in Gel-Matrix Technology, and confidence in your ability to build your business. Reading Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition will help you.

1. be comfortable consuming gel-nutritional products.
2. focus on two major health benefits for each product.
3. gain a vision of the market potential for each health benefit.
4. learn how the ingredients generate health benefits in the body.
5. learn phrases to use in sharing gel-nutritionals with prospects.
6. be comfortable with the science supporting gel-matrix technology.
7. build highly effective product presentations.
8. train new Team Members.
9. maintain Team Member activity and retention.
10. stabilize your group as it expands.

Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition allows Leaders and Sponsors to spend more time recruiting to expand their global business. Ageless Nutrition also helps rapidly build confident leaders from new Team Members. Recommend Ageless Nutrition, 2nd Edition to all new Team Members.

Building Confidence one Page at a time

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